Product Quality Is More Than What’s In The Vial


At SteriMax product quality is about making sure every experience with one of our products meets or exceeds expectations. Quality means user-friendly packaging that ensures products are easily identifiable for accurate and convenient administration.

High-Quality Products

Our products are manufactured & tested in either Health Canada, FDA, or EMEA approved facilities and held to the highest standard of excellence.

Consistent Suppliers

We work with carefully selected suppliers who are continuously monitored to ensure consistent and reliable product.

Our Team

SteriMax has an internal team to review products for compliance before being released to the market.

User-Friendly Packaging


At SteriMax, we take great care when designing our product packaging to reduce medication error. In our industry clear, concise and identifiable packaging is critical. Our packaging is carefully designed to differentiate between products with similar names, highlight important notifications like latex content and reconstitution information, and are colour coded for easy dosage visibility and selection.


We Listen, Learn & Improve Our Products

Successful partnerships begin with a desire to listen and to learn. When SteriMax added Cloxacillin to our pipeline we learned from our customers that pharmacies were using a number of smaller 2 g vials (the largest volume available) to fill their needs resulting in additional time needed to prepare the product and additional medical waste.

SteriMax rose to the challenge and developed a 10 g vial format for cloxacillin, a first in Canada, to simplify the administration process and reduce the likelihood of medical error.