At SteriMax innovation is integral in everything we do.

Our Lab

SteriMax has a state-of-the-art Research & Development lab and Pilot Suite with a clear objective of innovating injectables to meet our customers' needs.

Product Innovation

Our dedicated R&D team is developing new formulations and presentations of generic molecules in order to improve clinical efficiency and patient outcomes.

Packaging Innovation

Our packaging has been carefully designed based on customer feedback to be user-friendly and reduce the likelihood of medication errors.

R&D Lab Capabilities

Analytical Development and Validation

Formulation Development

Stability Testing in ICH Conditions

Process Development and Optimization

Fill-Finish into All Parental Dosage Forms

Quality by Design (QbD)

We Listen, Learn & Innovate Our Products

Customer feedback has been a catalyst for the introduction of unique product innovations that include converting a powder to a liquid, ampoules to vials, and developing new bulk presentations.

In addition, we incorporate user-friendly packaging that is carefully designed to differentiate between products with similar names, highlight important notifications like latex content and reconstitution information, and is colour coded and barcoded down to unit of use for easy dosage, visibility, and selection.


Cloxacillin 10 g

When SteriMax added Cloxacillin to our pipeline we learned from our customers that pharmacies were using a number of smaller 2 g vials to fill their needs resulting in additional time needed to prepare the product and additional medical waste.

SteriMax responded by developing a unique 10 g vial format for Cloxacillin, a first in Canada, to simplify the administration process and reduce the likelihood of medical error.

Cloxacillin family products


Apresoline® Hydralazine Hydrochloride

When SteriMax first brought Apresoline to market it was in a powder ampoule.  We learned from our customers that it would be ideal to have a liquid presentation for ease of use. SteriMax was able to innovate this product to meet the needs of our customers and moved this product from an ampoule to a vial to further increase the efficiency and safety of administering this product.

Hydralazine Bottle