A Pharmaceutical Company With A Unique Story.

SteriMax has a unique history which centers on the vision of its founder, Mahen (Mike) Acharya and has grown over the years through the knowledge, expertise and hardwork of the executive team and SteriMax staff. Mr. Acharya came to Canada in the 1970’s with a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree from Bath University in England. He opened and ran a successful chain of retail pharmacies in Ontario under his banner Super Discount Drugs. He divested the business to Shoppers Drug Mart in the 80’s.

Once the divestment was complete he saw an opportunity in the drug distribution business and the need for a regional wholesaler who could provide drug products and other services to local independent pharmacies in his area. He opened Trent Drugs (Wholesale) Ltd with a philosophy to provide pharmacies a high-value low-cost customized service. Over the next 20 years, Trent Drugs (Wholesale) Ltd. grew from the basement of a pharmacy to become the 3rd largest National drug wholesaler in Canada, operating 7 distribution centres in 5 provinces.

In 2005, Mr. Acharya divested this business to a US based Fortune 50 company, AmerisourceBergen; one of the largest pharmaceutical distribution companies in North America.

SteriMax emerged during the 1990’s while Trent was still operating. Mr. Acharya, a true entrepreneur, saw a need for a company that could specialize in niche small volume parenteral products with a strong customer focus. Initially, SteriMax marketed and distributed an injectable product line as well as a small oral dosage line. In 2004, SteriMax solidified its position in the marketplace by acquiring 5 products from Novartis.

SteriMax is poised for continued growth and success; offering a robust product pipeline and a management team with expertise in product research, manufacturing, business development, sales, strategic alliances, scientific affairs and distribution.

What We Do & How We Came To Do It

SteriMax Inc. develops, sources, manufactures, markets and distributes essential hospital and retail pharmacy products to the Canadian healthcare market.

SteriMax was founded by Mahen (Mike) Acharya, in the late 90’s through a series of strategic alliances.

From inception, the organization has been dedicated to the maintenance, promotion and reinvigoration of niche evidence based pharmaceutical products that are coveted by the Canadian healthcare system but under threat of discontinuation by the companies that originated them. Building on this foundation that included several well-established sterile injectable products, SteriMax has successfully added an array of parenteral products, establishing a formidable portfolio of products that are essential for the Canadian Hospital market. As a committed partner in this segment, SteriMax has placed great emphasis on the reliability and stability of product supply.

Despite our strength in Sterile Injectable products, we have also found unmet needs and opportunity within niche oral solid, nasal spray and ophthalmic products and these have served to expand our presence in the Canadian Retail pharmaceutical sector.

SteriMax is an organization that continues to grow its people, product line and strategic partnerships everyday. 

At SteriMax, we see tremendous opportunity for continued portfolio growth in our areas of focus. We are continuously evaluating market needs and we maintain a substantial near-term pipeline that should see SteriMax gaining approval and launching products for years to come.

As our portfolio grows, so does our team. We are a full-service organization with vast experience within the Canadian marketplace. We have built a team of talented and dedicated people and have in-house expertise in all functional areas. Extensive Technical, Regulatory and Quality departments augment a Commercial team that makes SteriMax a Canadian partner of choice.

We have the people, the processes and the infrastructure to rival a large company but we place a strong focus on maintaining the agility, accessibility and responsiveness on which our image and reputation is built.